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  • Dylyver is a community based on trust, reliability and mutual respect. In case you are not at the destination at the time of delivery or you know beforehand that you will not make it there on time please notify the courier via chat or call him/her directly and agree on a new meeting point or time.

    If courier arrives at your place and you are not there and you fail to answer his/her call and messages, then courier will have no other choice as to return the item back to sender. Waiting fee and a return fee will be added to the total delivery price to compensate the courier for his efforts. So please make sure to talk to courier if due to some unpredictable circumstances you cannot be at the destination to pick up the item.

  • When sender enters the details of the delivery request he will be prompted to choose between the following three payment terms: sender pays the full price of the delivery, you as a recipient pay the full price of the delivery or two of you split the total delivery amount equally. You will get a notification if that happens and it is up to you whether you accept or decline the payment option. Please make sure that you agree with the Sender in advance on these details to avoid misunderstanding during the delivery.

  • Courier will update his arrival time based on the route and traffic conditions. Alternatively, you will be able to track and see real time the movement of courier on the map. This will give you possibility to plan your day accordingly.

  • Please talk to your courier via chat or call him/her directly to agree on a modified destination if that does not deviate too much from the original address. Courier might be flexible enough to deliver it to some other place where you are currently located.

  • Absolutely. You can message the Courier using in-app chat or call him/her directly.

  • When Courier has arrived at the desired destination you will receive a notification. After you take the item from courier you should take a photo of the item and confirm your acceptance in the app. All three parties will receive a notification about the successful delivery.

  • Not an issue. In this case an email will be sent to you prompting to download the app. After a quick registration you will be able to track real time the movement of the courier, chat with courier and/or sender, split delivery payments with sender, if necessary, and accept the package from courier.

  • Recipient is any person in the Dylyver community who is getting a package from a sender. During the delivery setup process sender can put you as a recipient of that particular delivery by inputting your email. When that happens you will receive a notification from the system about upcoming delivery. After that you will be able to track real time the movement of the courier on the map, chat with courier and/or sender, split delivery payments with sender and accept the package from courier.

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