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For referral and leadership program participants
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  • Dylyver Market is a referral marketing engine that has been developed to help grow Dylyver user base and provide all users of the platform an opportunity to generate income whilst using Dylyver taxi and courier services. It consists of 2 phases, which will begin operating at the same time: Referral bonus program and Leadership bonus program. In Dylyver Market you earn bonus payments every time when people in your personal network take a taxi or send packages and people that

  • Referral bonus program is a 3-level platform where you earn referral bonuses each time when someone in your network drives a taxi or delivers packages. In short, in referral bonus program you earn from each Driver and Courier in your network. Below you can see the 3-level earnings breakdown:

    • You earn 2.5% as referral bonus each time when a person you invited drives or delivers a package. (Direct referral)
    • You earn 1.5% as referral bonus each time when a person that has been invited by your direct referral drives or delivers a package. (1st level referral)
    • You earn 1% referral bonus each time when a person that has been invited your 1st level referral drives or delivers a package.  (2nd level referrals)
  • Leadership program starts at the same time as referral program. It is an add on to the referral program and works independently from it. After you invite as least 30 direct referrals and these people pass the monthly validation (they take a taxi or send a package at least once a month) then you are automatically entitled to take part in the Leadership Bonus Program. Your participation in the program is voluntary.

    The leadership program is an 8-level incentive program after entering which, you start earning income from each taxi ride or package delivery of all the Users (not just Drivers and Couriers) that you have in your network in addition to the referral bonuses you earn from Drivers and Couriers in referral bonus program. The amount of bonus payments in leadership program depends on the level you are at in this program.

  • None whatsoever. The more people you invite into the program the higher will be your income stream from your network.

  • Absolutely. We encourage you to invite not only your local friends, but your international friends as well. What can be better than earning referral bonuses from your friends that consume Dylyver services in countries with much stronger currencies?

  • It all depends on your dedication and efforts as well as the number of people you invite and their consumption levels of Dylyver services. The more people in your network use taxi services or package delivery services the more income you will generate. By having a well-developed network, you can expect to earn anywhere from 500 to 6000 EUR per month or equivalent in another currency.

  • Sign up with Dylyver, login to your personal account, go to marketing tab and accept the Dylyver Market Terms and Conditions. You can then start inviting your friends, access you referral balance in your digital wallet and withdraw accumulated funds to your bank account.

  • When you register with Dylyver, regardless if you want to participate in Dylyver marketing program or not, you will get a unique User ID. If you want to participate in the program you can start sharing your User ID with your friends and acquaintances. You can invite your friends in multiple ways:

    1. Download your personal Business Card from your personal account and share with people around you.
    2. Invite your friends using the invitation page in your personal account.
    3. Invite your friends using Dylyver Drive and Cargo apps by going to the side menu and tapping on “Invite friend” icon.
    4. Simply invite and share your User ID with everyone around you.
  • Participation in the Dylyver Market will be free of charge for the first month after the we launch the service. After that we will charge a one-time fee of 10 EUR or equivalent in another currency for new registrations. This is done to cover the costs that are related to administrating new registrations and marketing activities.

  • If you want to participate in Dylyver Market you will need to use the Dylyver services at least once a month with a minimum price point of 5 EUR or equivalent in other currency. Which means, if you want to generate income through your referrals you have to take a taxi ride or send a package to someone at least once a month on Dylyver platform. This is done to encourage and motivate the users, who want to refer Dylyver and earn income, to consume the services of the company. This process is called monthly validation.

  • If you have not taken a taxi or sent a package by the end of current month then you will not be able to withdraw the funds you have earned with marketing program. To unblock the balance, you will need to take a ride or send a package next month worth 10 EUR or equivalent in another currency (this month and next month added together). This amount accumulates month over month, meaning that if you do not use Dylyver services for 3 months then on the 4th month you will need to take a ride or send a package worth 20 EUR to unblock and withdraw the balance. You can make it as a one time ride/shipment or you can do it multiple times in that month.

  • Go to your personal account, click on “Finances” and you will see all your incoming payments and your available balance.

  • The income your generated from Dylyver Market program will be made available to you at the end of each month if you have passed the monthly validation.

    You will then need to submit a withdrawal request. When in Finances click on “New withdrawal”, enter the amount that you would like to withdraw (minimum 50 euro) and then click “Submit”. This amount will be sent to your wallet where you will be able to transfer it to your bank account or any other means available in your country.

  • Simply stop inviting people and sharing your User ID with others. There are no obligations from your side. Your referral account will get blocked due to inactivity.

    If you would like to permanently delete your Dylyver user account please fill out and submit a form on contact page at

If you have not found the information you were looking for and still have questions, please fill out the form below and send it to us. Our team get in touch with you as soon as possible.
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