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  • You can easily sign up to drive from your Dylyver Drive app or from your account on You do not need to download a separate app to be able to accept ride requests with Dylyver. Just go to the side menu in your Dylyver Drive app, at the bottom of the page tap on “Jump to driver app” and follow the onboarding instructions.

  • To start driving with Dylyver you will need to submit an application with some personal and vehicle related information. Here is a short list of the required copies (snapshots) of documents:

    • Your vehicle data and pictures
    • Copy of a valid vehicle registration certificate
    • Copy of a valid vehicle insurance in your name
    • Copies of your driver’s license and passport
    • Copies of your criminal and driving record
    • Copies of private hire permit and vehicle permit (where applicable)

    After you submit all the required information and documents Dylyver team will review your application. It might take 3 to 5 business days. After successful revision and approval your driver account will be activated and you can start earning money. One of Dylyver team members will get in touch with you via email if some information is missing from your application.

  • Simply go to the side menu in your Dylyver Drive app, at the bottom of the page tap “Jump to rider app” and you will get to the rider main screen, where you can quickly request new rides.

  • Go to the Drive app and if you are already in the driver interface tap “Go online” at the bottom of your main page. This way you will start being visible to the Riders and can receive new requests. If you are in the Rider interface first go to the side menu and tap “Jump to driver app” and then tap “Go online”.

  • Go to the Drive app and if you are already in the driver interface tap “Go offline” at the bottom of your main page. This way you will stop being visible to the Riders.

  • When you are online you will get ride request pop ups with trip and user details that will have a green pulsating “Accept” button in the middle. You will have several options when you get a ride request:

    1. Accept the ride by tapping on the “Accept” button and head to pick-up location.
    2. Ignore the ride request by tapping X on the right side.
    3. Do nothing and the ride request pop up will automatically disappear after other drivers will accept this request.
  • When you arrive at the agreed pick-up location tap “Arrived” button in the middle of the screen, wait for the rider to get into the car and then press “Start” to start the trip. A navigation will pop up to guide you to the destination address.

  • When you arrive at the destination tap “End Trip” button in the middle of the screen and wait for the rider to get out of the car. You can then accept new rides. If the rider has chosen cash as the payment method then please take the amount shown to you on the screen from the rider in cash.

  • Go to the side menu in the Drive app and tap “Scheduled rides” then tap “Pending” on the top. There you will see the future ride requests sorted by your proximity to pick-up location. Swipe right or tap “Accept” to accept the ride. Press on the ride to see its details. When you accept future rides please make sure that you plan enough time to get to the pick-up location on time. Swipe left or tap “Ignore” to delete the request from the list.

  • Go to the side menu in the Drive app and tap “Scheduled rides” then tap “Accepted” on the top. Tap on one of your scheduled rides then press “Head to pick up” to start the navigation to the rider pick up location. Then everything goes according to normal ride process.

  • You can contact your rider through the Drive app. Next to the rider’s details you will find a message and phone call icons. Tap the best contact method and get in touch with the Rider.

  • Drive app continuously sends updates to the rider about your position. When you arrive to the agreed pick-up location please press “Arrived” and the app will notify the rider that you are waiting outside. Also, you can get in touch with the rider via chat or phone call icons.

  • In case you are not able to find your rider at the pick-up location or you believe that the address is wrong please contact the passenger using the phone call or message icons in the Drive app to clarify the pick-up location.

  • When you arrive at the pick-up location and cannot reach your rider please allow 10 to 15 minutes to pass for the rider to come out or get in touch with you. If that won’t happen please cancel the ride and provide the exact reason. In this case Rider will be charged a cancellation fee.

  • After you end the trip please tap on “History” on the side menu, choose the trip that you need help with and in the need help section choose the issue that you have experienced and let us know what happened exactly. Dylyver team will do its best to resolve this issue in the shortest time possible.

  • Dylyver takes 25% as commission from each transaction. This amount is needed to fund future growth of the platform, pay for marketing expenses and distribute as referral bonuses to our users.

  • You decide. Just make a withdrawal request in your wallet on Dylver web page or Drive app. Depending on your country you will be able to withdraw your earnings in multiple ways, including: bank accounts, debit cards, checks, cash payouts, moneygram, etc. In US we can make payouts directly to your debit card.

If you have not found the information you were looking for and still have questions, please fill out the form below and send it to us. Our team get in touch with you as soon as possible.
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