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  • Dylyver package delivery service is a peer to peer on demand technology platform that connects you, couriers and recipients. Easily and safely send your packages to your friends and family with people that are travelling or commuting in the same direction. The service works the following way:

    1. Using your Dylyver Cargo app quickly submit your delivery request in a few easy steps.
    2. A person travelling in the same direction will accept your request and will arrive to pick up the item.
    3. You and recipient can track Couriers precise location real time from pick up location to destination.
    4. Courier delivers the item to recipient.
  • Sender is any person in the Dylyver community who wants to send an item, a parcel, a document or any other article to a family member, friend, business partner or anyone else.

  • Literally anything. One of the main benefits of shipping your item(s) with Dylyver is that you don't need to worry about the size and shape of your item(s) anymore. Large and bulky items are no longer an issue and your item does not have to fit into a standard box in order to be shipped. A list of prohibited items can be found in Dylyver Cargo Terms and Conditions. Courier has the right to cancel your delivery request if he deems that your item falls into one of the categories mentioned on that list.

  • Literally anywhere. Our community of couriers can deliver your parcel anywhere in the world whilst travelling and commuting to the same location, city, country or region.

  • Depending on item size and route couriers have multiple means of delivering your item including: on foot, by bike, motorbike, car, truck, train or plane.

  • Yes, you can. Simply enter all the items you need to be delivered during the delivery setup process and post your request.

  • That's easy. Download the Dylyver Cargo app from iOS or Android app stores. Then enter necessary profile data and attach your profile photo. You should also add your credit card to pay for the deliveries. If someone referred you, please make sure you type in the referral ID of that User. Tap "I want to send an item" icon on the main dashboard of the app whenever you want to send an item somewhere and follow the instructions on the screen.

  • Each user in Dylyver gets a personal unique user ID. You can use it to invite your friends and family into the program and earn continues referral bonuses every time your referrals take a taxi or send packages. User ID is your referral ID as well. You can also add Trusted Couriers to your deliveries by entering their User IDs.

  • As you go through the delivery setup process we will give you a recommended price based on the route and item parameters you have entered. We will also check the cost of similar deliveries that have been made previously by users of the platform. Ultimately, you will be the one to decide the amount you are willing to pay for the delivery. Please bear in mind however that putting an unreasonably low price for a delivery may result in long wait times as couriers might not consider this price as a fair value for their delivery efforts.

  • Yes, you certainly can. As long as courier has not accepted your request you can cancel or make changes to it at any time.

  • You can easily track real time the movement of your courier on the map as he/she progresses toward the destination, check estimated arrival time, chat with the courier and get notified when your item gets delivered.

  • Off course. Every courier in our community is personally responsible and liable for the parcel he/she is delivering up to amount (approximate item value) you enter when initiating a delivery request. This amount cannot be bigger than 1000 EUR or equivalent in another currency.

  • You can do more than that. During the delivery setup process just invite a recipient into the delivery by entering his/her email. Recipient will get a notification about a pending delivery and will be able to track real time the movement of the courier on the map as he progresses toward the destination, check estimated arrival time, chat with the courier and accept the item once courier arrives at the destination. By doing this you save time for yourself and for recipient as both of you will know down to a minute the expected delivery time of the parcel.

  • All payments are made via credit/debit card that you attach during the sigh up process. You can certainly skip this step during the sign up. However, once you post your delivery request you will be prompted to enter a payment method. After you have done this your request will be visible to the couriers. Your card will not be charged until the item has been delivered to recipient.

    All payments are made automatically. So once recipient marks the request as delivered we take care of processing all of the payments. Do not pay couriers in cash upon delivery as this will result in you getting charged twice.

  • When you enter the details of the delivery request you will be prompted to choose between the following three options:

    1. You pay the full price of the delivery.
    2. Recipient pays the full price of the delivery or
    3. You split the total delivery amount equally
  • Visa, Master Card and American Express

  • Trusted Courier is any person in the Dylyver community that you know personally, your friends recommended to you or has delivered your packages previously. You can invite selected or all Trusted Couriers to your future delivery request and stay assured that your item(s) will get delivered successfully to its destination. You can add couriers to your Trusted Courier list by entering a User ID of that respective person or by adding them to Trusted Courier list at the end of each delivery.

  • Every courier in our community is personally responsible and liable for the parcel he/she is delivering that is why your delivery will be taken with greatest care. However, if something happens to your item and you need to make a claim, please reach out to us at In order to be properly compensated in case of a loss however you must complete the whole delivery transaction via the Dylyver Cargo app.

  • Please kindly reach out to recipient before submitting delivery request in order to make sure that recipient is available and is ready to accept the item(s) at the destination. If for some reason recipient is not at destination, then courier will notify you and the recipient in order to clarify the details of the delivery. If there is no one else, then courier will return the package back to you. Return fee will apply to compensate the courier for his efforts.

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