Become a Dylyver partner, create your own service center and build your own user network in your region.

Grab your chance

Dylyver franchise benefits

  • Opportunity to represent Dylyver and provide service support to users of the company based on predefined guidelines.
  • Open your business with all the support you need.
  • One of kind business concept built around traditional services that operates in 4 business formats with a broadly oriented and affordable pricing policy.
  • Clear conceptual Dylyver standards starting with corporate identity and branding to administration standards, which facilitates an easy and fast-growing business.
  • Various service center format and design options that should fall wiithin the framework of the company's concept.
  • High return on investment and quick payback period. Earn interest from every trip and parcel delivery in your area.
  • Possibility of building your own network of users in the market of your chosen region.
  • Support and training of your specialists by Dylyver team.

Looking for a profitable business?

Create your own service center with Dylyver. The one that you wish without complicated franchise guidelines, imposed rules and limitations. Want to know more? Fill out the application below and we will tell you all about it right now!
Dylyver partner

How to become Dylyver franchise partner?

We help entrepreneurs all over the world to get started.
  • Realize the intention
    I want to be independent and I want to establish a Dylyver service center in my city.
  • Make the decision and start acting
    Put in all your effort, create a team and invest resources in opening a service center.
  • Choose your region and city
    Where will your service center be located? You can choose any country, region and city where the law allows Dylyver to conduct its activities. We work everywhere where people live.
  • Find an office and make necessary repairs
    Pick a suitable office location for an effective start and operation of the service center. Together with the interior designer create an interesting visualization of the interior of the future service center.
  • Hire a team
    Recruit a team of enthusiasts and like-minded people who are ready to withstand any difficulties and will follow you along this journey till the end.
  • Launch the operations
    By using the trainings, materials, media plan and advertising campaigns that we will provide you recoup your invested funds within a few months following service center's launch.
Dylyver Franchise

Who should consider this opportunity?

Service center

Already have an existing service center?

Perhaps you are interested in a partnership with Dylyver. Let us know. Send us a description of your business, your goals and objectives to We will be glad to see you in the ranks of our partners!
Car fleet

Already have an existing car fleet or a taxi company?

If you would like to increase your market reach, reduce idle time of your drivers, and get access to thousands of our global users then get in touch with us by sending the description of your business, the size of your fleet and objectives to
We will be glad to see you in the ranks of our partners!

What you can expect

  • Support and training

    For a service center to operate well it is simply vital to have a strong customer service. We immediately equip all our service centers with all the necessary marketing support and trainings.
  • Development and growth

    We are constantly looking for new income streams and ways to increase profits for our partners. We know which areas will move your business further and what you need to do in order to succeed.
  • Mission and goal

    We are committed to building a disrupting marketing engine and platform that will ensure a constant influx of consumers in your region and create continuous positive cash flow streams.
  • Result

    Already after several months of your service centers operation you will be able to recoup your expenses and receive a steady income stream from your region / city.

Get in touch with us

And we will send you a complete set of documents for a successful launch of the Service Center in your area.
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