Generate income from every referral

With Dylyver you earn each time, when people you invite use taxi or delivery services.

Modern marketing program that consists of two phazes.

Dylyver Market

Two phaze marketing
  • A modern marketing platform

    Take part in referral and leadership bonus programs at the same time.
  • Daily income

    Earn passive income daily from every person you invite and their network
  • Free registration and participation

    Paricipation for people, who registered in the first month after the launch is free of charge. After that particiation cost will be 10 eur or equivalent in other currency.
  • Detailed analytics

    Monitor incoming bonus payments and earnings from your network.
Welcome to

Dylyver Market

Looking for new ways to earn money? Join Dylyver today and generate income with 2 of our marketing phases.
  • Referral program
    Earn income from drives and couriers in your network.
  • Leadership Program
    Become a leader and get bonuses every time people in your network take a taxi ride or send a package.
About Dylyver Market

What is this program all about?

  • Download Dylyver Drive and Cargo apps
  • Use these apps to get to places and to ship packages to friends
  • Recommend Dylyver to your friends all over the world
  • Earn bonuses from ALL the drivers and couriers in your network
  • Grow your network and generate income from ALL the people in your team that take a ride or send a package.
1st marketing phaze

Referral bonus program

  • A 3-level referral program
  • Simply invite your friends and acquaintances
  • Get referral bonuses every time when your friends drive or deliver a package
  • Receive income from drivers and couriers that are 2 levels below you as well
2nd marketing phaze

Leadership bonus program

  • An 8-level leadership program that works in parallel with referral program, but independently from it.
  • Made for leaders that are willing to go an extra mile, manage and lead their network and earn bonuses not only from drivers and couriers, but from all the users.
  • Build, develop and mentor your teams.
  • Generate bonuses every time people in your network take a ride or send a package.
  • Be successful in what you love, climb the leadership levels and get rewarded for it.
You've probably heard a lot about passive income, but very few have actually received it. Dylyver offers you the easiest and most effective way of generating passive income day after year, year after year. Earning passive income with Dylyver is quick, simple and reliable!

Ready to join and start earning money?

Register, create an account and start inviting your friends and acquaintances.
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