For couriers

Earn money and cover your travel expenses by delivering packages on your way to work or while traveling.


Travel favorably together with Dylyver

  • Accept deliveries based on your capacity and needs

    Pick parcels depending on the delivery price, date, cargo value, destination, transportation method and package size.
  • Make money delivering packages or simply cover your trip costs

    Are you commuting to work every day or travelling somewhere and would just like to save some money on gasoline or perhaps you just want to be independent and earn money delivering parcels - all this is possible with Dylyver Cargo app.
  • Track your earnings

    After each delivery you can see the exact amount earned and your full earnings report for the day. Your income is automatically transferred to your bank account every week (in certain countries it is deposited to your wallet where you can withdraw it at any time)
  • Two-way grading system

    You and the sender both rate each other after the delivery. This ensures a more respectful and polite relationship between the parties and helps us monitor the service quality.
  • Detailed route directions

    The application provides GPS navigation from the pick up location and to the destination address.
  • Always connected

    Use Dylyver Cargo app to contact the sender or the recipient by phone or via chat at any time throughout the journey.
  • Trusted courier

    If sender marks you as trusted courier, then you will be the first to receive the delivery request. In the event that you do not accept the order, then it becomes visible to other couriers as well.
  • Earn even more

    Recommend Dylyver to your friends and earn income every time they ride or send packages.
Sign up today

Its easy to start delivering packages with Dylyver

  • 01
    Register online or in the Dylyver Cargo app Create an account, provide your full name, mobile, email and password.
  • 02
    Share some documents and information with us Upload a copy of your passport and verify your email and mobile number. Provide your bank account and credit card details.
  • 03
    After registrations start delivering and earning money Once you create your account, open the Dylyver Cargo app and start accepting delivery requests.
Shipping options

Transport packages the way you want it

Deliver parcels by any convenient and accessible means of transport. We want to give everyone an opportunity to earn.
  • On foot
  • By bike or motorbike
  • By car
  • By truck
  • By train
Download the app

Mobile application Dylyver Cargo

Monitor your deliveries and transactions in one application
  • Search for the appropriate requests on the map or select from the list
  • Filter requests depending on the parcel size, transportation price, destination, order date, item value and means of transport
  • Know exactly upfront where the pick up location is, who is the sender, what is his rating, what is the price of the delivery and what is he planning to send
  • Negotiate the price and time of delivery directly with the sender via in app chat
  • Track and monitor your historical deliveries
  • Stay in touch with sender and recipient throughtout the whole delivery process
  • Accept multiple requests and deliver them to your final destination point
  • Download Dylyver Cargo application from Google Play or Apple App store
Download the App!
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What we need from you

Requirements and necessary documents

You can become Dylyver courier even without having a car, truck or any other means of transportation. All you need is the desire and Dylyver Cargo application on your mobile.
Required documents
  • Passport
  • Mobile phone and an active data plan
  • Bank account
  • Credit/debit card
There is only one condition
Each courier in Dylyver community is personally responsible for the safety and security of the parcels they deliver. When posting the request each sender estimates the value of the items being shipped. Courier can only accept the request when he has enough funds on the card as deposit to cover the value of this item. And he is responsible for any losses or damages cause to the package during the delivery.
This is done so that we can insure the parcels of senders from possible theft and damage and to provide a quality level of transportation.

Courier safety

With the help of modern technologies and guidelines Dylyver strives to ensure the safety of couriers before, during and after each delivery.
  • No anonymous delivery request

    When you accept an order you know exactly who is sending the package and what it contains. You see the user's name, his photo and rating, photo of the parcel and all the details of the delivery.
  • Always on the map

    Our system keeps track of the GPS data of every delivery, so we know when and where you're going. This helps to keep delivery records and promotes rapid resolution of problems and disputes.
  • Courier ratings and reviews

    After each trip couriers rate their experience with the sender and the delivery. We review these ratings and block app access to users that behave incorrectly and violate the terms and conditions of the service.

Ready to earn money?

Register today, start delivering parcels with Dylyver and get your income weekly.
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