For senders

Stay informed about the status of your delivery when you send your packages with Dylyver Cargo app


Your shipping partner

  • Stay always connected

    Easily get in touch with your courier via chat or phone using your Dylyver Cargo app.
  • Always up to date

    Together with the recipient you can track the location of your package real time on map and get status updates about the delivery.
  • Set the final price of the delivery

    You decide what should be the price of this delivery. Dylyver only provides recommendations.
  • Send parcels wherever your are

    Courier can pick up your item regardless of your location. Dylyver Cargo app determines your location down to 10 meters.
  • Generate continuous passive income

    Recommend Dylyver to your friends and earn income every time they ride or send packages.
  • Oversized items

    Easily ship your oversized or bulky packages and items. Send multiple parcels at the same time.
Only a few steps

How it works

  • You create an order

    and enter package details, recipient email and destination address.
  • Couriers are notified about the pending delivery.

    They can then check delivery details and get in touch with you.
  • One of the couriers accepts your request

    and arrives to pick up your package.
  • You hand over the item to courier and he sets off towards the destination.

    Both you and recipient can track the locatation of the package real time in Dylyver Cargo app.
  • Courier delivers the parcel to recipient

    and finalizes the delivery.
Download the app

Mobile application Dylyver Cargo

If you have not downloaded the Dylyver Cargo app yet here is couple of things to get your excited
  • Dylyver Cargo is an application for you, with your shipment history, favorite addresses and recipients
  • Easily ship your bulky items and multiple packages at the same time
  • Request recommended and trusted couriers
  • Track the exact location of your package real time from pick up to its destination
  • Pay for the delivery with an attached credit card
  • Monitor your historical deliveries
  • Split the transportation fee with the receipient
  • Earn referral bonuses every time when you friends send or deliver packages
Download the App!
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Security of parcels

  • We take seriously the safety of your packages and quality of our service

    Send your packages with trusted couriers, whom you or your friends have invited into Dylyver. With the help of the rating system we are always taking necessary steps to improve and provide a quality service to our users.
  • Responsibility for each load and for each package

    Couriers are personally liable for any losses and damages caused to your package. When you initiate the delivery request you personally provide an estimated value of the item you want to send. Courier can only accept your request if he has enough funds to cover the cost of your package.
  • Always on you screen, always up to date

    Get notifications and stay up to date regarding the status of your ongoing delivery. Track the exact location of your package real time on your Dylyver Cargo app.
Delivery fee calculator

Calculate the cost of delivery

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