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  • If you would like to help others transport items via Dylyver and earn money that way then download Dylyver Cargo app, register with your real first and last name, mail address and mobile number. Failure to add real verifiable information might result in either suspension or deletion of your account.

    Dylyver is a global community that is based on trust, integrity and mutual respect for each other. By understanding and aligning to these core values you are helping us build a strong and effective community.

    Please make sure you respond to senders and recipients on a timely basis to avoid delays and order cancellations.

    Dylyver is not an auction. It is a community of people helping other users ship their item(s). We are aware that some offers are not sufficient for the effort involved. If that is the case, please offer an alternative price for the request or choose another delivery request.

    If you accept the delivery request, then it is given that you will fulfill it. In case you are ultimately unable to fulfill the shipment please notify recipient and sender and return the item where you picked it up in the first place.

    Make certain you agree with all the details of what needs to be delivered before accepting the request. Both in terms of what the item is, how large it is and where it needs to go. By clearing this all up straight away you remove the chances for potential difficulties later on.

    If you arrive to pick up the item(s) and find that the item(s) were misrepresented, please cancel the order and let us know at cargo@dylyver.com.

    Please keep estimated arrival time updated in the system for recipient to know when you are planning to deliver the item(s). Notify the recipient in advance if you see that you will be late.

    The price that you agreed with the sender is the total price for the delivery. You should not demand more than was the agreed upon amount. (i.e. tolls, petrol, parking, etc.)

    If not agreed otherwise with the sender, make sure to deliver the item(s) within 24 hours following item pick up.

    In case you accept multiple delivery requests on your way please make sure you still commit to the delivery time that you previously agreed with other senders.

    Please handle the package(s) you accept from senders with great care. In order to protect the property of our users, you are personally liable for any losses and damages done to the item(s) during the trip.

    To be able to help you if something unforeseen happens you have to make sure that you do things within the Cargo app and do not ask the sender or receiver to pay in cash.

    Do not ask sender or recipient to pay for the delivery in cash. Senders credit card is charged automatically once you deliver the parcel to recipient ahd he accepts it.

    Please try to keep all of your conversations with senders and receivers in the system by using the chat function in Cargo app. So that if in case the need arises we can jump in and help you out.

    You should ultimately be the one who delivers the item(s). If you accept the task, you cannot have it delivered by a third party.

    If for some reason you cannot deliver the package to recipient, please get in touch with sender and recipient to clarify the situation. If none of them answers then please return the package to the Sender during the following few days. A return fee will be applied to compensate for your efforts.

    If someone you encounter in the system is not acting as you think they should, let us know. We will look into it and take action where appropriate.

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