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  • If you are getting a package from someone via Dylyver please download the Dylyver Cargo app, register with your real first and last name, email address and mobile number. Failure to add real verifiable information might result in either suspension or deletion of your account.

    Dylyver is a global community that is based on trust, integrity and mutual respect for each other. By understanding and aligning to these core values you are helping us to build an effective community.

    If for some reason you cannot be there at the destination on time to pick up the item(s) from courier, please let Courier know in advance to avoid misunderstandings and item returns. If this happens you can possibly agree on a different location and/or time that is suitable for both of you.

    Please make sure you respond to couriers and senders on a timely basis to avoid delays, misunderstanding and item returns.

    Please try to keep all of your conversations with couriers and senders in the system by using the chat function in Cargo app. So that if in case the need arises we can jump in and help you out.

    If sender has requested a delivery payment split with you, you need to accept or decline it. If you disagree with the proposed split, please kindly reach out to sender to clarify and agree on other payment terms.

    Please acknowledge the delivery in the app by pressing “Item Received” and posting a picture of the shipped item once you accept the package from the courier.

    If someone you encounter in the system is not acting as you think they should, let us know. We will look into it and take action where appropriate.

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