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  • If you would like to ship items with Dylyver please register with your real first and last name, mail address and mobile number. Failure to add real verifiable information might result in either suspension or deletion of your account.

    Dylyver is a global community that is based on trust, integrity and mutual respect for each other. By understanding and aligning to these core values you are helping us build an effective community.

    Please make sure you respond to couriers and recipients on a timely basis to avoid delays and order cancellations.
    Make certain that you keep details of your request as accurate as possible. By not being accurate about the package(s) being sent or locations you make courier's job more difficult and this could lead to your request being cancelled or your item(s) not getting delivered.

    Please try to keep all of your conversations with couriers and recipients in the system by using the chat function in Cargo app. So if the need arises we can jump in and help you out.

    Please make sure that you do not accept deliveries outside the system and do not pay for deliveries in cash. If this happens unfortunately we will not be able to help you or protect your delivery against damage or other unfortunate things.

    In order to avoid your item(s) not getting delivered, paying return and courier waiting fees please reach out to recipient in advance in order to make sure that recipient is available and is ready to accept the item(s) at the destination.

    Notify the recipient in advance if you are planning to split the delivery fee with them. Failing to do that can result in misunderstanding and you being charged the full delivery amount.

    In order to insure your parcel against loss and damages please make sure to provide the most accurate value estimate of the item(s) you are sending.

    If you have any questions while trying to work out the details with a courier, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at cargo@dylyver.com

    If someone you encounter in the system is not acting as you think they should, let us know. We will look into it and take action where appropriate.

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