For riders

Get to your destination with Dylyver Drive.


Fast and comfortable rides at affordable prices

  • Request a ride with a click of a button

    Using Dylyver Drive app you can now order the right vehicle in a matter of seconds.
  • Comfort - is what you will get used to very quickly with us

    Get status updates about your ride and easily track the location of your driver real time on the map.
  • We take into account all your preferences

    Pick the vehicle that best suits your current needs. Choose options like the class of the car (standard, premium, minivan, SUV, bus), child seat, air conditioning, non-smoking, baggage size and so on.
  • We take your safety and quality of the service seriously

    You and your friends travel only with the best drivers. The compulsory rating system allows us to take the necessary measures to continuously improve the service levels that we provide to our users.
  • Referral program

    Recommend Dylyver to your friends and acquaintances and earn passive income every time they ride or send packages.
Take a ride with Dylyver Drive

How it works

  • Option selection

    • Your address is determined automatically.
    • Enter your destination, select car category and choose payment type.
    • Find out the cost of the trip before requesting a ride.
  • Ride Request

    • Request a vehicle and the app will immediately find the recommended driver or match you with the driver closest to you.
    • One of the drivers will accept your request.
    • A few minutes later the car will arrive at your door.
  • Payment

    At the end of the trip the ride fee will be deducted from your card automatically.
Download the app

Mobile application Dylyver Drive

If you have not downloaded the Dylyver Drive app yet here is couple of things to get your excited
  • Monitor your historical trips and add favourite addresses.
  • Request a vehicle instantly or schedule a ride for any time in thу future
  • Choose vehicle category depending on your needs
  • Set the location of your friends and family members as destination point of your trip
  • Request drivers that you know and trust
  • Track the position and movement of your driver real time in your app
  • Pay for the ride with your credit/debit card, cash or referral bonuses
  • Share your position with family and friends
  • Split trip fare with your friends
  • Get in touch with your driver via phone or chat message
  • Choose additional trip options (baby seat, large luggage, premium car, non-smoking vehicle or bike rack)
  • Monitor incoming referral bonuses from people you invited into the program
Download the App!
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Passenger safety

Travel in safety

  • Know in advance who is your driver

    After the app matches you with a Driver your will see your driver's name, picture and rating.
  • Add recommended drivers

    You can add trusted Drivers that your friends have recommended to you or with whom you have travelled earlier.
  • Always on your screen

    Keep track of your trip in real time, so you always know where you are.

Fare calculator

Calculate the price of your trip
Vehicle categories

Request the car of your choice

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